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I live in the north east of England and when I'm not busy with thread or wool I love to read thrillers and watch things on the TV that make me laugh. I have a love of tattoos too and have quite a collection!

Monday, 8 October 2012

Stopping by to share news!! And ami swap too!!

Hello everyone!

Right.... the mad month that is October is getting in the way of me updating this little blog of mine! I've popped in to share some news that I've had this month and to show off the fabulous ami swap goodies!!!

I'll start with the ami swap because it's fabulous as always :-) For anyone who doesn't know about this swap it's a monthly swap I do with the lovely Steph (do stop by and visit her lovely blog, she has a giveaway on at the moment for a lovely greenman!)

Steph made me this gorgeous monkey, I've called her Pinky for quite obvious reasons!

Isn't she beautiful?? I love her pretty fabric face!

Also some gorgeous acorns and Autumn leaves, so pretty! And look ate these fab purple pearl stars and cookie monster ribbon!! Love cookie monster! Thanks Steph, I love everything :-)

I made Cinderella for Steph,  here she is in her rags......

and from the side.

She's a topsy turvy doll so when you flip her over........

She's ready for the ball!!

With her hair in a posh bun with pearls round it.

It was a fab swap as ever and this months will be a Halloween one, yay! Looking forward to that :-)

So onto the news that has me so busy. I got a phone call last week from Hartlepool Art Gallery and they asked me if I would take part in their Christmas craft exhibition sale that runs from next month until January. They want 12 mushroom cottages by the start of next month!!

So that's on top of three other events in a couple of weeks time! I am at The Biscuit Factory art gallery in Newcastle on the 20th for a book event and exhibition of  felt artist Moy Mackay (Check out her website to see her amazing works.) I also have a Halloween craft fair on the 21st and the usual garden centre craft fair on the 27th to make for!! I'm thinking I may have to give up sleep......I certainly won't be around too much on here until all this is over!

So here's some of my makes for the week while I'm here...

Elf boot Christmas decorations, and here's a couple I had an order for with names stitched on.I think these would look great with candy canes in them :-)

 A whole box of cupcakes as the last lot had almost sold out, Daisy was checking them here, quality control you know! :-)

I had a custom request for five currant buns for a nursery school too for the rhyme, five currant buns in a bakers they're round and fat with a cherry on top!

I had a request for a donation for a Macmillan Cancer Care evening raffle from a friend a week or so ago so I made Macmillan Cottage for such a good cause.

Then we get to the start of the twelve cottages for the art gallery, Rose Cottage......

Daisy Cottage...

and Sunflower Cottage.

So that's three down, nine to go! Wish me luck and I'll be back to catch up with people soon as I have a moment to spare again.

See you soon!