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I'm Lori and I love to craft. I cross stitch, knit and crochet and anything else that takes my fancy! I love to make amigurumi and other knitted and crocheted characters.
I live in the north east of England and when I'm not busy with thread or wool I love to read thrillers and watch things on the TV that make me laugh. I have a love of tattoos too and have quite a collection!

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Ami swap time again and a fab parcel of gorgeousness!


Yesterday my ami swap parcel arrived and with the ami was a fabulous parcel of surprises! First off I'll show you the ami I sent to Steph, here's the little devil girl I sent...

I was really pleased with her, she turned out very cute! So Steph's ami for me is this gorgeous big witchy kitty....

.....along with three little Halloween kitty's too! I love big kitty's gorgeous sparkly dress and the cauldron is brilliant with all the beads stitched in it. Steph sent me all of these and they are brilliant! But that's not all that was in the box, look!

There was these fab little goodies, love the sweetie! There were three candy corns but Poppy had stole one and I din't know until I found it later on after taking the picture, lol! And...........

this fabulous witch biscornu which I love and........

I adore my card! Look at the fabulous stitching! I've been totally spoiled! There was also a really cute little monster as a thank you for the birthday presents. He's adorable....

So thanks so much Steph for all the gorgeous presents, I'm thrilled with them all :-) Steph has just started her blog called Dollydollydaydreams HERE So pop in and say hello! 

Friday, 28 October 2011

Sorry it's been a while!

First can I say 'hello!' to my new followers :-) Lovely to see you!
I seem to have been really busy for the past couple of weeks and not had a chance to post here, still sorting out the new shops and trying to get a sale!

The postman brought me a parcel this afternoon, what could it be? Well it was a fabulous surprise parcel from Laura, here's her fabulous blog So I opened it and here's what I got!

The bag with the cute ghost on is full of sweets, yum! I love the embroidered Green man cushion, what stunning embroidery! The Halloween humbug is fabulous too, I have the chart for that and hadn't got round to stitching it yet so now I don't need to :-) The bloodshot googly eyes are brilliant and the crochet sweet magnet  and stitch markers are fabulous! Here's a closer look at them...

How lucky am I! Thanks Laura, you're wonderful!

So I've been busy making a few things since I was last here but I can't show you them! They are for a Christmas present and also the ami swap. The ami I should be able to show you this weekend as it was posted yesterday :-) Last night I made some Christmas trees for my shops,

They have little coloured buttons for baubles on them and turned out lovely. They'll be for sale this weekend in both shops. I'll make more of these but need more teeny buttons first.
Another thing I can finally show you is these crochet hooks I had made by the lovely Angela who you find here Polymer Clay Creations I had four made but one was for my fab friend Steph's birthday present so I had to keep quiet about it until now! Here's the three I have

Aren't they gorgeous! I can't believe they are made of clay and each flower is put on separate! You can order these at Angela's etsy shop and get them in any pattern or colour you like :-) Actually that reminds me I have something else to show you now, made for Steph's birthday that I'd been keeping quiet about! I made this bag with a cross stitch panel of kokeshi dolls.

I'm pleased to say Steph loved it :-)

So now I've been rambling on for ages I'll leave you, hope you all have a great weekend!

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Monsters are appearing!

This week I've been making another monster, one bed sock (the other is about to be started) and a surprise for someone's birthday who reads this so I'm not telling no matter how hard my arm is twisted :-)

So let me introduce you to The Star Spangled Monster!

The idea was growing in my mind as I made the last monster Egbert, it just seemed to fit to do the different areas of the American flag. Anyway I hope you like him :-)

I also listed this hanging decoration in my shops this week, I made it a few months ago and it just sat there waiting for me to do something with it so I figured why not.....

I do love the beaded tassel on this, here's a closer look at it...

I used clear beads and a silver floral cutaway heart to make it a bit sparkly and pretty. I was so pleased with it I've logged it for future use :-)

So not an awful lot happening in my world at the moment which is brilliant and just the way I like it! I'm at my happiest when left to play with my threads and wool and life doesn't get in the way!

So I'll leave you with a link, check out this Pay It Forward giveaway on the lovely Annaboo's website HERE she'd love you all to go over and enter, don't forget to say hello and check out her fabulous crochet korknisse while you're there :-)  Speaking of which I made a couple this week, nearly forgot! Check them out!

Aren't they fabulous! I need to make more and the toadstool house so they have somewhere to live too......

Friday, 7 October 2011

Busy, busy........and it's ami swap time!

Been a busy week this week! I'm still spending way too much time on my laptop trying to promote my new shops anywhere I can, hopefully when I get more used to this malarky I'll be able to spend way more time actually making things!

Firstly, if you look over to the right you'll see a facebook button, I bit the bullet and got me a page on there. I've always been a bit weird about joining FB but I have no real idea why! Anyway now I'm there :-) Also over to the right you'll see a button for CRAFTfest, I have a stall in this online Christmas craft fayre which is on the 26th and 27th of November. It'll be great for getting your Christmas pressies, there's going to be up to 150 stalls of hand made lovliness to buy from, all sorts of different crafts. It would be lovely if you could come and see us :-) Here's the link,

So now I have a shop on Folksy (here) as well as the etsy shop and the FB page and I think that'll be enough to be getting on with! I'm busy making things to list in them, almost finished a new witch at the moment, she just needs her hair on and she's done.

So I've been a bit busy! This means I'm a little late with this post for AMI SWAP TIME!!!! SO the swap for the end of last month was a fabulous one as ever, Steph sent me this utterly brilliant little girl in a kitty costume!

Isn't she fabulous!! Love the tiny kitten in her bag crocheted in thread :-) Thanks Steph I love this one so much! I made Steph a baby bunny with a felt flower on her ear....

which I'm happy to say she loved :-) And thanks Steph for taking the pic and sending it me after I totally forgot to take a photo before I posted it! Another gorgeous swap, it gets better and better and it's so lovely to get a present every month! Already planning this months ami.........

Well better get back to my witchy, she'll be cold without her hair on!

Sunday, 2 October 2011

and the winner is..................

The giveaway is now closed and the winner has been drawn!

Thank you everyone who entered and a big hello to my new followers, lovely to see you :-)

All the names were put into a bowl..............

and my boyfriend was drafted in to make the draw, the winner is.........

Congratulations Cucki! Send me you details and the witch and heart are winging their way to you this week :-) Hope you love them!

I've just seen that Cucki has started a giveaway of her own, HERE. I've entered already, go on over and join in!

I've been making ami's this weekend for my shop. First, on my new Facebook shop page HERE (I'd love you to stop by and visit!) I asked what animal or person you would love to see as an ami, the poll is on my wall so feel free to vote. The first answer was a pig, so I made a pig! Here he is...

I have a vote for a turtle too so that's my next ami :-) I also made a monster, now I need some help here, I have no idea what he should be called so names please! He needs a name before I list him in my shops I think. It's only right!

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Last call for giveaway entries!

The giveaway ends tomorrow for the witch amigurumi and the felt heart, the post is HERE.

I'm going to do the draw tomorrow and last call for entering is 5pm here in England.

Good luck everyone!