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I'm Lori and I love to craft. I cross stitch, knit and crochet and anything else that takes my fancy! I love to make amigurumi and other knitted and crocheted characters.
I live in the north east of England and when I'm not busy with thread or wool I love to read thrillers and watch things on the TV that make me laugh. I have a love of tattoos too and have quite a collection!

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

A fairy Christmas!

Hello and welcome to my new follower :-) I'm almost there, one more and the giveaway for hitting 50 will be here!
I've just realised I've had a bit of a fairy theme this week without noticing! So the finishes I can show you are a new Christmas mushroom fairy house. I make up the embroidery as I go and this time came over all festive :-) Here's the front door.......

the snowman outside......

and the Christmas tree too.......

With the fairy lights strung around the roof they're all ready for Christmas in this cottage!

Feeling festive I put up my tree at the weekend too, a new black tree and pink, white and turquoise decorations it looks really pretty, 

At the top you can see my little fairy that I made yesterday. I wanted a fairy for my tree this year as I've had a star for a few years and it's just not the same. I also heard a while ago that a fairy is supposed to bring good luck for the coming year and we could all do with a bit of that! I had been looking around for a lovely and there are some gorgeous ones but they were all too expensive for me this years so I made my own. Here she is close up, her wings have a gold thread in them so she sparkles a bit :-) 

I'm a bit late posting the ami swap this month but here it is! For those who don't know, my fabulous friend Steph and I swap an amigurumi every month. It's such fun to get a present every month! I made two little mice for Steph (her fab blog is HERE)

Thanks Steph for sending me the photo after I totally forgot to take it before posting, lol! My lovely parcel from Steph contained this fabulous owl! 

and a little sun, just what we need at this dark time of year :-)

and a partridge in a pear tree!

Thanks Steph for totally spoiling me as usual! I love them all, the owl is really cuddly too :-)

So that's me all caught up here, I've made a lot of cards this week too but they need to wait until they've been sent and received so I don't spoil it by showing them first. I think I might post some of my Christmas makes from years gone by next time, they are all out on my walls and looking lovely so it's a good time to get photos!

Have a great week everyone!


Ali said...

What a lot of gorgeous goodies - your embroidered snowman and tree are far tooo cute xx

millefeuilles said...

I've said it before and I will probably say it again: I love your toadstool houses and I would like a WHOLE village (or at least hamlet) of them. Pretty please?


Inthesky said...

I have hidden my gorgeous toadstools until the Christmas decorations are down, then we will turn the living room into pixie town! Your Festive toadstool is fabulous, I don't think you could ever have too many, I love them.

Debs M said...

aww lovely stuff! x

Mary Jane's TEAROOM said...

Hello Lori...You know how much I love your toadstool houses!...and your tree looks so pretty...I am so loving turquoise at the moment...your little fairy and swaps are lovely too!
Susan x

cucki said...

hello dear, i love the christmas mushroom so is so sweet..your tree is looking so lovely with all the lovely decorations..the fairy angel on the top of the tree is so much love her so much..
all the other stiff is so pretty too..
you my creative fairy :)
big hugs xxx

Kerryp77 said...

the ami swap is fab and i love the fairy toadstool so much. xx

Steph said...

Hey Lori
wow!! I love the new mushroom house!I NEED it!^_^
Your tree looks beautiful...and still in one piece! No kitty damage at all?
And your fairy is so so lovely!
My gorgeous ami mice ^_^ All lovely and amazing ^_^
Hapy hugs and Xmas wishes ^_^

Chaucer's Aunty said...

Ah those toadstool houses are just the cutest thing ever!!! Love your xmas tree- my favourite colours! Fab ami's- Steph's are brill and I love your little mice! And I love the fairy on your tree, brilliant!

Baban Cat said...

Congratulations on your 50 and thanks for your follow too!

Knitting Nix said...

I found your blog through Lucy in the Sky and you make some adorable stuff :)