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Saturday, 11 February 2012

Lots of lovely post :-)

Hi everyone!

Wonderful post week this week for me :-) Firstly a surprise parcel from the lovely Steph, she sent me a super cute little choco chunk  with a cute pocket that has a little heart keyring , isn't that adorable!

There was other goodies like gorgeous pink beads, some lovely incense sticks and shells from the beach as well as lovely charms. A gorgoeus  parcel, I love everything :-)

Yesterday I got another parcel! This was a swap I did with  Cara over at the Dotty One blog. She sent me two gorgeous fused glass necklaces, I've pinched these photos off her blog as the weather has been so dark here mine were just rubbish! Hope you don't mind!

They were in this gorgeous little pretty bag,

Also this gorgeous little cat ami, now you must know I love cats :-)

and I was thrilled to get one of her fabulous felt strawberries!! I love these so much!!!

So I had sent a starfish, crab and baby octopus as I knew she loves the sea and diving,

a cross stitched ornament,

and a cow card as well as she likes cows :-)

A fabulous swap!! Thanks so much to Cara, love everything you sent me and it made me very smiley :-)

Today was the third good post day of the week as the Travelling Craft box arrived, YIPPEE!!  This has been started by Laura and I received it from Kerry today. The idea is it's a box of handmade lovely stuff and you get to take as many items as you like from the box as long as you put the same number of items made by yourself back in, simple. Well it's a lovely box of pretty things and this will be tough to pick, I think I have decided on six things but that may change before I send it on it's way in a couple of weeks! I have a couple of things left to make for it, it's a great idea :-)

Here's the box when I opened it

I'm not allowed to show you what I make for it until it arrives at it's next stop with Kayla and then I'll show what I'm keeping too.

Oh yes, and this was the box ten seconds later.......

Poppy can't pass a box without getting in it! She jumped in checked it out and picked her choice from the box before I got to! The ami heart made by Laura has been carted around the house, loved to bits and totally claimed by her so that's one of my choices, lol!

Hope everyone has a great week!


millefeuilles said...

Poppy you are so adorable!

Lori, your sea animals are wonderful! What a marvelous little club they make.

I must confess to having my eye on your fused glass necklaces too for they are very pretty indeed.

I hope you are keeping warm and snug.


Eek is doing very well! :-)

Debs M said...

great gifts and i love the sea life ami's you made! great idea for the box and how typical of a cat :)

Kerryp77 said...

Can't wait to see what you chose. I love the makes you swapped with the dotty one, Those glass necklaces you got back are beautiful too.

Chaucer's Aunty said...

Hehehe that pic of Poppy is brilliant! I'm pleased that she's claimed the heart!! I'm looking forward to seeing what you make and what you decide to keep. Oh my, what lovely goodies from Dotty One and what cute ami's by you and Steph! I really must make that crabby, he's adorable!! Beautiful ornament too (I recognise the pattern!) and lovely cow card. Fabulous post week indeed!

Ali said...

Gorgeous goodies ooh Ilove your sea creatures tooo cute xx Was great to see the travelling box I think I'm on the other box list hmmm think I need to get making things - and quick - gulp!!

Chris said...

You have had some lovely goodies through the post :) And Poppy looks sooooo cute in the box and so big now too!!!

Annaboo said...

What lovely goodies!
Have a great weekend.

butterfly said...

Wow lovely goodies .

catherine said...

My oh My what a wonderful time your having with all the lovely post you are receiving. Such gorgeous gifts from your friends and such lovely things you sent out to them. Your going to have fun with the travelling craft box and can't wait to see what you put in it.
x catherine

The Dotty One said...

Yay - glad you liked everything and thanks so much (again!) for the lovely things you sent me :o)
You have done well on post this week haven't you - that choco chunk is so cute and I think the travelling craft box idea is just brilliant.
Have a lovely Sunday x

cucki said...

aww very sweet gifts..and i so much love the sea life ami's..
lots of love for you cucki xx

HillyT said...

What a nice happy post, I'm glad you have had such pretty things arrive this week. Your little sea creatures are adorable!

Steph said...

Lots of lovely goodies for lovey you ^_^
Oh Poppy! you are just too cute ^_^
Those are really beautiful necklaces and the little kitty is so sweet and I love that strawberry.
Love the sea creatures you made, the star fish is brilliant.Gorgeous stitched ornament and fab card.
oooo! Craftbox ^__^yay ^_^

danielle said...

That cross stitch ornament you said was GORGEOUS!!! And I am totally loving the crab since I am one (according to my astrological sign as well as what my family tells me sometimes - LOL!)

Rhonda Adams said...

Hi there... are the baby octopus, crab, and starfish for sale??