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Saturday, 12 May 2012

I'm back :-)

Hello everyone and welcome to the new followers, lovely to see you :-)

Firstly, sorry! I know it's been longer than usual for me in between posts. The things is, for the past few weeks I've been realising something has to give! I spend wayyyyyyy too much time on the computer every day, usually over 6 hours (I know it's riduculous!) with Etsy, Folksy and Wowthankyou shops, facebook page and blog as well as all the usual stuff that I've had no time to actually make much and really, that is very important if I want to keep selling! So this week I have been trying to be ruthless with my time online, that is why I've been away and not caught up with your blogs too, sorry! My big plan is to just turn the bloody thing off more so I don't waste time and get distracted, which by the way is very easy, I must be the World Champion when it comes a wasting time and procrastinating, lol!

Anyway, it means I will be around but it might just take me a bit longer to catch up with people, hope you understand, I love you all honest :-)

So lets catch up a bit here with things. Last Sunday was the craft fair at the pub, it was also the day of the Sunderland Marathon which went right past the place. It could have gone either way, the roads were all closed so if people were out to watch the runners then they might pop in and buy or the way it did work out which was no one went out because all the flipping roads were closed!  Not a lot of customers around unfortunately but still a good day, I did okay, and it's always a nice fair with lots of lovely people so happy day :-)

I took a pic of my stall, typically I only took one and it's a little  bit blurry so sorry about that, must do better next time! I have big plans to make some shelves for the stall, I can't find anything that I like as they all seem to be made of acrylic and I want wood so it looks nice. So I have a hacksaw and I'm getting some wood from B&Q tomorrow, what can possibly go wrong?!! I'll try to not cut my fingers off, promise :-) Wish me luck!

I had four Jubilee Cottages to make for sales last weekend and I made it, they were ready and off to their new homes no problem. I also made a new Party Cottage.

and in typical fashion, one of the first pictures I took...... Daisy really wanted to be in the picture :-) 

Then I was mushroomed out! I had sold my ami owls at the fair so made a new batch of those......I have no idea what a group of owls is called, a hoot maybe!

The red and white one is inspired by Sunderland's football strip, I need to make another as he sold this morning to the local butcher :-) I plan to make black and white too for Newcastle so I can tailor it to wherever the fairs are and keep everyone happy! As the  fans of both hate each other it can be swapped depending on venue, lol!

Also had a birthday card to make for the MIL, I came up with an idea for using charms that I bought ages ago, loved them but no idea what to do with them until now.

They are such beautiful butterflies and I loved how it looked with a simple ring of roses around it.

And finally..........drumroll please, TA-DA!! Fame at last! The Craftseller magazine with the feature on Hippywitch Crafts came out this week. Love the big mushroom cottage picture they used as it stands out :-) Here's hoping it pays off!

Now I've started an ami for an order, a polar bear with a brown mouse on it's shoulder! It's a friend of my boyfriend who asked him for this and like a man he never asked why!? Why are men so useless at gossip? I really want to know the story behind this idea, I mean there must be one! So I guess I have to make my own story up then :-)

So that's me for another week, hope the sun is shining wherever you are :-)


catkin tales said...

i love the owls!
i believe a group of them is known as a 'parlaiment of owls' which i think suits them and sound wonderful.

isn't it funny, i have a white cat named daisy too! :)

i created a fresh new blog recently!
for personal reasons i can no longer use my real name online and so am adopting my maternal grandmother's name 'dorothy' she was an artistic soul and it feels right for my blog and me. i will leave morikomidori where it is for now but won't be posting there anymore. the new blog reflects all the new changes in my life, mostly good.

wishing you a lovely weekend xxx

dorothy ;)

p.s. my jubilee cottage has been much admired :) i must remember to take a photo of the mushroom village for you when my daughter returns my camera.
are you on ravelry? there is a lovely group i belong to there called *tiny owl knits*

Kath said...

how exciting!it all looks wonderful.

Inthesky said...

Ooooh you have been busy. Good to see you. :) I just looked and the Collective Noun for a group of owls is a 'Parliament'. Personally I would rather see The Houses of Parliament full of owls!

Hippywitch said...

Ah yes a parliament of owls, I used to know that and had forgotten! It would be better than the MP's if it was owls there, lol!

Lori xx

catkin tales said...

hi lori

haha i agree with the bit about the PM's :D

i plan to take some photographs of the village this coming week (light permitting). i've been thinking about posting a few of the pics on my blog too, with a link to your blog and etsy shop) and wondered if that would be alright with you?

Hippywitch said...

Hi Dorothy,

It would be lovely if you posted pics on your blog, I'd love to see them :-)

Lori xx

catkin tales said...

oops! i meant to say MP's, not PM's
am getting things back to front.. like many of them do ;)

catkin tales said...

oh thank you! i will feel so proud showing them off :)

i must have posted my last comment the same time, you posted yours.

Debs M said...

great makes,loving the charm card, well done on your celeb status!! x

catherine said...

You seem to be doing really well at the moment and the stall looks fantastic. Owls are super and probabaly do every football team around the land!!. Well done on your publishing spot-fab news and will need to see if i can get a copy
x catherine

Kerryp77 said...

Awesome news on the mag article, well done you- I hope it generates some more sales for you, we'll never see you on here anymore! I've been letting the computer monopolise me, it does take over though. Love the butterfly card, so delicate and the owls are super fun. xxx

Annaboo said...

Oh, what a lovely post! Great to see the pics of your stall and good luck with making your shelves!
LOVING your ickle crochet owls- what a sweet little hoot they are.
And AMAZING news on the crafty mag feature- and very well deserved too.
And as you know, I am in total awe of someone who has found a craft fair in a pub!!! Genius!
Happy weekend to you...
..(the weather forecast looks ok for me tomorrow..yayyyyy!)

Amanda said...

Hello Hippywitch....hello from sunny Spain.
I'm a fairly new follower of your blog and I'm really impressed with all those lovely things you make. Its difficult to choose what I like most the mushrooms of course but the owls are cute too...told you its difficult!

I imagine you will have sold everything you had on that original!!!

Amanda :-)

at Crafty in the Med

Hippywitch said...

Hi Amanda,

Well now I'm jealous, I want to be in Spain! My favourite country and the fact it's so sunny doesn't hurt either :-)

Nice to meet you!

Lori xx

♥ Mary Janes TEAROOM said...

Conratulations on your feature Lori...that really is wonderful!
I love your makes as always and the card is so pretty.
Yes, I have to agree, I am currently trying to work out a better balance when it comes to time spent on the internet...can't seem to solve that one easily...but the day seems to pass by much slower if I'm not on my laptop which is much better when it comes to doing constructive things!
Hope you are having a lovely Sunday,
Susan x

Rhona said...

I'm having the same problem Lori...too much to do (with lots of distractions) and not enough time!
I saw you write up in Craftseller mag...I've posted about you on my blog too - hope you don't mind!
Love those owls, they are just wayyy too cute.

Steph said...

Hallo lovely ^_^
First, yay! for being in Craftseller(said it a billion times already but needs to be said again !^_^ )
That is a very beautiful card!Love the owls ^_^ I think a hoot of owls sounds more fun than a parliament ^_-
Hehe! Hello Daisy ^_^
And your stall looks brilliant!
Keep your fingers safe and take care of you...everyone will still be here when you sign in because you are Top Banana, the bee's knees and Ab Fab ^_^
Sending HUGE hugs n smiles for you

Helen said...

The stall looks lovely - how are the shelves coming along? The new party mushroom is gorgeous & those owls are way cute! Hope you find a better balance - I think a lot of us are in the same boat on that one! Have a great week & enjoy the new-found fame ;)
Helen xxx

LiteraryLadybug said...

Look at you all famous! What a nice spread in the magazine. Your booth looks just lovely and those OWLS! SUPER CUTE!

Stitching Noni said...

Hi Lori, found your blog via Rhona's blog ;0). Your craft is fabulous - I love the mushroom cottages. Look forward to seeing more soon.
Know exactly what you mean about getting distracted - that is me all over!!!

Chaucer's Aunty said...

Love the photo of your stall Lori! Congrats on all the sales- mushrooms, owls (and it's a Parliament of Owls for a group of them- isn't that brilliant!!) and of course for the feature in Craftseller! I must get a copy this week. Love the card, beautiful. Hope all's well, love Laura xxx