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I'm Lori and I love to craft. I cross stitch, knit and crochet and anything else that takes my fancy! I love to make amigurumi and other knitted and crocheted characters.
I live in the north east of England and when I'm not busy with thread or wool I love to read thrillers and watch things on the TV that make me laugh. I have a love of tattoos too and have quite a collection!

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Sore hands from knitting and crochet....

I've spent the whole week with either hook or needles in hand and my finger joints are complaining now! I have arthritis in my fingers (and  a lot of other places too unfortunately) and really shouldn't overdo the crochet and knitting ..........but I can't do anything at a 'normal' level, lol! So after all this creating I can only show one picture as the other stuff is for the ami swap and for a birthday pressie so I can't blow the surprise until they're at their new homes :-) This little bunny I knitted yesterday for myself, I give so much of what I make away and thought that I was about time I made another thing for myself!

So this is Bunty the bunny in her posh dress and mary jane shoes, she has blue and white stripy tights too :-) Isn't she cute? I love Debi Birkin patterns as they are simple and always turn out very cute. I have some others on the list of must makes and they might have just moved up the list a little bit :-)


Chaucer's Aunty said...

Oh she is just gorgeous Lori!!!!

steph said...

She is absolutely beautiful. You must be so pleased with her.
Sending sunny hugs..yep!! It is sunny here!!! YAY ^_^

Loopeyuk said...

Awwww now she is adorable, weldone.