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I'm Lori and I love to craft. I cross stitch, knit and crochet and anything else that takes my fancy! I love to make amigurumi and other knitted and crocheted characters.
I live in the north east of England and when I'm not busy with thread or wool I love to read thrillers and watch things on the TV that make me laugh. I have a love of tattoos too and have quite a collection!

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Village show results from yesterday :-)

Well this is the third post in three days!! That's a lot for me, lol! Guess I have a lot to show at the moment. So the local village show was yesterday afternoon and off I trotted with my entries. I showed some of the things a couple of weeks ago but here they are ready for the day.

The Christmas decoration category, I entered this holly hanging with a beaded tassel.  I got 2nd for this :-) 

Christmas card. My santa got no prize :-(

Any crochet item. I decided to enter my crochet Hello Kitty, made this ages ago but just grabbed it as an extra entry! Turned out to be a good move, it came 2nd and a lady bought her too! I was just standing looking at the other entries and she said 'what a shame they aren't for sale, I love this!', so I said 'it's for sale if you want it as it's mine!' So off kitty went to her new home :-)

Lastly my sampler which I framed and mounted all in white. This was in the embroidered picture section and I got 1st! Yippee! I won £11 in M&S vouchers, £5 for a first and two £3 for the second places, which I sold to my Mam as I don't shop in M&S, lol!

Oh yes, I won a bottle of wine in the raffle too :-) A pretty good haul!


Chaucer's Aunty said...

Hi Lori!! Huge congratulations on winning first prize for your sampler, I'm not at all surprised, it's beautiful! And you've done a wonderful job framing it! And your beaded tassel and kitty did well too, fabulous! I bet you're chuffed to bits! On another note, we had the MOST WONDERFUL wedding day and everyone admired your beautiful bride and groom and card! Photos to follow! lots and lots of love, Laura xxx

millefeuilles said...

Dear Lori,

Congratulations! You really deserve those prizes!

The kitty is so cute but my favourite is the Christmas decoration whichi is quite exquisite.


cucki said...

hello dear, a big congratulations on winning the first prize for your sampler..
beaded tassel and kitty is looking so lovely too...
hugs and kisses xx

Ali said...

Well done on all your wins - they looked fab (as did your Christmas Card)xx

Annette said...

Congratulations you deserved those prizes and how lucky to sell the kitty as well. Sounds like a great day x

Kerryp77 said...

well done on your prizes, you deserved all you won. x

Annaboo said...

Ooooo a bottle of vino and m&s vouchers- WINNER!!
Well done- your items are absolutely gorgeous. My fav is the hello kitty ami- your stitches are so perfect!
Can I ask what yarn you use?

Hippywitch said...

Hi Annaboo,
Thanks for all your comments!

I just use the cheap acrylic stuff that costs about £1.20 a ball for ami's, it comes in so many colours it's the best I've found :-)

Pixie said...

Hellooooo, yes, we did have a lovely, lovely time, thank you for your comments, and thank you for liking the new blog, i do like change. x

passionatelypink said...

Wow what a great day that turned out to be! Well done. I love all your items they are beautiful.

Rach xxx