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Monday, 26 September 2011

What a mad busy week!

Sorry I've been a bit AWOL this week, it's been a busy one!

My boyfriend was off work for a weeks holiday so I wasn't left to my usual devices, not that I mind him being here of course but it does rather wreck your routine and they do get a bit underfoot, lol! So we had a couple of days out in the town looking around, not much happening there, some things never change, a lot of shops seem to be closing down lately. Guess everyone's broke!

We've also been busy in the house, we decided to re-do the kitchen. When I say re-do I mean tart it up a bit as a new kitchen is wayyyy too pricey. So we have two lengths of worktop propped up in the hall, the only room big enough to stash them, which I'm tripping over every five minutes! Then we trotted off to B&Q, bought some primer and and paint to do up the kitchen units and 14 handles too to change them.....
HAVE YOU ANY IDEA HOW EXPENSIVE HANDLES ARE????? I was stunned! £50 just for handles! That's the same as one of the lengths of worktop! For handles! Anyway, I'll take a deep breath and calm down now :-)

So we have half the kitchen cupboards painted now, gone from horrid orangey fake pine sort of colour to white and it looks way better already. The horrid blue marbley type worktops are out on Saturday to be replaced by said ones in the hall which are black marbley looking instead, vast improvement! I have no idea what they were thinking when the people who lived here before us picked that kitchen! I hated the blue worktops most of all as it's meant the walls have been yellow since we moved in 8 years ago. I mean other than blue which is more bathroom-ish and white which I hate on walls there wasn't much else it could be but yellow. So after the worktops are in and the cupboards are painted I'm painting it bright fuchsia pink :-)

Now the current problem is how to get the worktops from said hall to kitchen....... This really is a tough one! You see our house is tiny and lots of corners too so there is no way it's going through the house, they are just too long. So we thought the only thing is to take them back out the front door and round the back to the kitchen door. We live halfway down a terrace so not as simple as you might think, it means going down the street and round into the back lane. But then we have the same problem with too many tight corners and no way into the kitchen. It seems the only option at the moment is to cart them round the back and take the kitchen window out! Oh well, guess we'll find a way!

I have the before pictures and will show them with the after ones when it's finished :-)

I have a couple of crafty finishes this week, one is the ami for the swap so can't show that yet! But I made this for my shop

A glow in the dark ghost for Halloween! The white looking threads are the glow in the dark thread and it does work great, unfortunately my camera won't oblige and let me take a pic of the glow, it just takes a black nothingness so you'll have to take my word for it!

So I hope everyone had a great weekend that wasn't covered in paint, unlike me!

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cucki said...

hello dear, your spooky stitchy finish is looking so sweet..i love it so much..
ooo those handles are very expensive..
i really hope you can fix the kitchen soon...good luck dear with it..
keep well and have a lovely week xx

Kerryp77 said...

love the ghostie and i'm not a halloween person at all. good luck with the worktops!

Jordan said...

I love the ghostie! So cute! :-D