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Thursday, 17 November 2011

The big kitchen makeover reveal and some more crafty stuff of course!

So I'm back without too big a gap since the last post, well done me, lol!

Firstly my new makes, I've been mad busy playing with felt this week, it's the CRAFTfest online craft fayre at the end of the month (check out the side bar to see where and when) and I'm on a mission to fill my stall with loads more stuff by then. Don't forget to come over and see us all, there are around 150 stalls of fabulous different crafts so you can get your Christmas pressies in!

First make of the week is this mushroom house....

I embroidered lots of  french knots for the window boxes flowers and had great fun stitching this!

I want to live there!

I thought I'd do some pretty brooches too in felt that I can sell cheaply as I realised I had nothing for under £5 in my shops for stocking fillers. So here's a couple of them....

and a keyring too...

 There's a couple of heart hangings too

I hadn't realised until now how much I'd done this week, lol! Lastly there's my cross stitch Christmas cake bands that were a custom order. They were a pain to stitch with all the repeats of the patterns but the results were fabulous so I'm glad I did them!

Here's a close up of them both, this is the ice skating  ladies,

and the swags and bows

So that's all my finishes this week, I must have bored you to death now with all those, lol! 

I promised to show the before and after of my kitchen re-do last time so here we go.....

Those orangy looking cupboards were awful, really dated looking. The worktops I hated, with being blue it meant that the walls had been yellow since we moved in 8 years ago as not much goes with them and I don't like white walls! ('scuse the bag of potatoes, I forgot to move them first and that's the back end of Poppy at the end of the worktop too!)
We got new worktops for free (handy to have a relative who can get them!) Bought new handles for the cupboards and with primer and cupboard paint and some bright emulsion for the walls this is the result...

I love the bright pink walls! The cupboards came up great too, it looks like a new kitchen.

and to finish it off my fabulous new kettle!! I so had to have this :-)

So a new kitchen for about £120, how marvellous! 


Chris said...

WOW! You have been busy!!! The cake bands are just fab. I Love the new kitchen....but have to differ, I love the brown cupboards...but thats because I am country girl :oP

Kerryp77 said...

you have been busy, i love the brooches and key rings...gorgeous. i want your spotty kettle too!

cucki said...

wowwwwwwwww really you have been bust..mushroom is very sweet..i love it like all the other sweet goodies..brooches and key rings are so beautiful..and the christmas band is darling..super sweet..
your kitchen is looking very lovely..and fabulous kettle indeed.
love for you.hugs xx

Debs M said...

great makes and i love your kitchen!!

Annaboo said...

Your kitchen is absolutely gorgeous- I love the pink walls.
And your crafty makes are utterly amazing, as always.
My fav is the toadstool- can I move in too?
Nearly the weekend...!

Lauren Hatwell said...

Wow! Wonderful projects and I'd be chuffed to little bits with that kitchen. What a makeover! That dotty kettle is TO DIE FOR... Well done Lori. You are so creative.


Ali said...

Lots of gorgeous makes your mushroom looks beautiful xx Love the kitchen we are just about to start redecorating ours and I was thinking of a dusky pink but a bit nervous as I'd not seen a pink kitchen - and now I have - lol!!! Think I'll go and order that paint xx

Jordan said...

The cake bands are beautiful how thick do you make them? I would love try making a very simple one for my dad :) xxx

Hippywitch said...

Thanks everyone :-)

Go on Ali you know you really want a pink kitchen!

Jordan, I used 3 inch thick aida band for the cake bands as the 2 inch seemed a bit too narrow. For the length I just wrapped it round a cake tin to measure it as I'd been asked for them for 8 inch cakes. I will say be careful which design you pick though as from experience the skating ladies band drove me insane as it seemed to grow sooooooo slowly!

Steph said...

Hey Lori ^_^
Ok, I've already bored you to death with how much I love the mushroom house and how much I need it, want it and have to have it! ^_^ And now I've done it again!! ^__^
The brooches are gorgeous and the keyring is really pretty.
I love the ribbon you've used on your hearts.
Those cake bands are amazing! The skating one is so beautiful.
And your kitchen! WOW! It is fantabulous! And you got your spotty kettle !! ^_^ yay!
Massive HUGS for you

Hannonle said...

It really does look brand new. The cupboards are much better now!

Mary Jane's TEAROOM said...

All your makes are beautiful...I love your little mushroom really is so pretty!...Oh my, you have been so busy....and your kitchen looks lovely...
Susan x
P.S You are our blog of the week too!

Hippywitch said...

Thanks everyone :-)

Ooo blog of week? Thanks Mary Jane's Tearoom that's wonderful! Your blog is gorgeous I love to read it :-)

millefeuilles said...

Oh my goodness, look at all those treasures you have made. You have been so busy elving in that little fairy house of yours.

I too wish to live in one of your toadstool houses. Your attention to detail is amazing AND I admire your embroidery skills, I really do.

And your christmas cake ribbons; oh wow! They are just the sort of thing I love the most.

Well done you!