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Thursday, 10 November 2011

I promise to be a better blogger and not forget to post, honest!

So hello again,  and welcome to my new follower :-)

I really need to get more organised and post here more often, so sorry to be so rubbish at it at the moment as I seem to have so much going on! As if I wasn't busy enough with making things for my shops on Etsy and Folksy as well as trying to (and being absolutely rubbish at) promoting them I decided what I really needed was a bit more stress to add to my list so now I'm trying to design me a website, lol! I don't do things by halves you know, with my completely addictive personality when I get into something I tend to go a bit overboard :-)

So onto the makes of the week then, some of you have already seen Rudolph the red nosed reindeer ami as he's in my shops and on Facebook but here he is......

I made him first last year and so many people loved him I ended up making four and all were given away or traded so even though I have now made another one I still don't have one for me as he's for sale! He is very cute, I will make myself one eventually.

Christmas puddings, the latest addition to the felt tree decorations I've been playing about with. I added bronze sequins to the puddings as they just look lovely and sparkly...

I'd had a idea that the tree decs would look best pictured on an actual tree to show what they looked like. I refused to get out the big tree though just for five minutes faffing around with the camera so I trotted off to B&Q, the smallest tree they had was two and a half feet, black and fibre optic and it looked so pretty all lit up so I bought one :-) It's great though as I can put it up and take it down again on around five minutes and I'll be using it at Christmas too, perfect! The puddings will be going in the shops today.

I finished the two cross stitched Christmas cake bands this week too, yippee! They were a bit of a chore to stitch with the repeated patterns getting a bit boring but they look great so I'm pleased with them, I need to back them with white cotton to finish them off and then I plan to bake a cake so I can get proper pictures of them. So next week I should have pictures :-) I was at a loose end after finishing off this stuff and had no idea what to make next when I had the idea of a felt mushroom house, no idea where that idea came from! I have all the pieces ready and embroidered and I'm starting on stitching it together now, it'll make a great pincushion or just a cute little decoration...... if I can part with it! It's looking a bit doubtful at the moment but I have kept the pattern pieces I made so I can always make more if I can't :-)

It looks like I'm going to take ages to fit in doing the gloss paint in my new fancy looking kitchen at the moment so I'll be posting pics here in a couple of days after taking the after ones. You can see a bit of the wall in the pic above so get an idea of just how pink it is :-)

See you in a couple of days then (I promise not to forget, lol!)


Steph said...

Hey Lori ^_^
Oh how I love that Rudolph...I can be a lil bit smug as I am the owner of one of the ones already made!! teehee ^_-
Love the Puds....already told you that a million times though ^_^
The decs do look brilliant on the tree! And that pink wall is glowing through and looking gorgeous!!
Love the sound of the mushroom house. ^_^
Sending lots of sunshine

Debs M said...

rudolph is so cute! great makes x

The Dotty One said...

Awwww - I love the reindeer so much. He is so cute. I am going to check him out in your shop now and then see if I can spare some pennies!
Christmas decorations are looking lovely too - you are getting into the festive spirit!
Good luch with the website :o)

Mary Jane's TEAROOM said...

Lovely handmades...and your tree decorations look fab!....Looking forward to seeing your cross stitch cake bands too...something I would like to do more of...I am sure they will look lovely...
I have promised myself to post more often...but there are never enough hours in the day, are there?
Hope you have a great weekend,
Susan x

Ali said...

Glad you are well (busy but well - lol) gorgeous makes you have reminded me I should start the reindeer cake band for my christmas cake xx

Chaucer's Aunty said...

Yay, nice to have you back! Rudolph is just gorgeous and I love the felt decorations- the photos with the tree are perfect too :D I look forward to seeing the mushroom house, sounds fab! Laura xxx

cucki said...

hello dear,
i love the sweet rudolph..super cute.
i love the reindeer so much..and yummy pudding..
beautiful finishes my dear.
keep well..sending you hugs xx

Kerryp77 said...

gorgeou makes lori they all look fab. i love rudolph he is uber cute

millefeuilles said...

Rudolph is adorable and very much in need of a loving, gentle home with plenty of fresh hay.

Your puddings are so cute. Sigh! I was reticent this year but Christmas has yet again woven it's magic on me.

Thank you for sharing and good luck with your website, etc.


Pixie said...

OOOH lots of yummy christmas decorations and i just love rudolph, he is very cute......wonderful post...very festive.
Pixie x