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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Finished 3D cottage and the craft room is done!

Hello to my new followers and of course the rest too  :-)
Hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend and the weather was better than we had here, rain and cold and more rain :-( Still I didn't go anywhere so it didn't really matter!

Had a busy weekend though as on Friday morning I decided to finally sort the craft room/room where everything ends up getting chucked if it has no home. This was no small undertaking I can tell you! Over the space of the four days I got 5 big bags for the charity shop and the same in rubbish. The huge wardrobe that lived in such a small room and took up half of it was smashed up and chucked out. Then the boyfriend was despatched in with a paint brush and tin of white paint. Monday I finished off by rearranging the furniture and tidying everything away and now it's fabulous :-)

The big box on the floor will disappear as soon as I can get through all the cross stitch mags in it and file the charts away!

the leaning tower of wool boxes, it's four huge boxes piled up and Poppy and Daisy have claimed  basket of fabric on top as a new bed!

So here's the end result, waiting for me to make some bright colourful things to decorate the walls. I'm thinking crochet flowers for a start and some of the finished cross stitch that I had no room to hang...... oooooh Vin Diesel! I still have to frame him and that would be perfect! Just found him on my blog post HERE so you can see him in all his glory :-) Embarrassing that I finished him in February last year and still he's not framed though, hadn't realised it was that long ago!

I also finished off the 3D cottage, yay! That was a real pig to stitch together, the stitched pieces are wrapped around plastic canvas to make them rigid and I now have a hole in my finger end off pushing the needle through the plastic too many times! However it does look good and I'm happy with it as well as happy to be finally finished! So a ta-da moment.......

the front....


back complete with bench, tiny watering can and basket of flowers....

and the other side. I do love these cottages but think it might be a while before I make another :-)

I'm off then, busy making a custom order for a mushroom decoration that needs finishing.

Have a great week!  


Ali said...

Your craftroom looks fab - very organised xxx Your 3d house looks great - well done you!!

catherine said...

What a grand job you have done with the new craft room. it looks the perfect place for you to create in. Fantastic cottage and would love to be moving into something like it- maybe one day hey(LOL)
Well done with all your hard work over the last few days. Thanks for the comment on my tag.
x catherine

Knitting Nix said...

The craft room looks fab and I love the flowers on the outside bin :D
Your 3d house is fantastic.

Inthesky said...

Your craft room looks like a lovely space to work in now, lucky you :) Your hard graft has paid off.

Helen said...

What a great room for you to craft in - well worth all that hard work :-)
The little 3D house is so gorgeous! Just perfect :-) I really will have to move that book further up my "to stitch" list...
Happy crafting in your new room,
Helen xxx

Lilian said...

Wish I had a craft room your looks lovely I love the cottage, Hugs lilian

Kerryp77 said...

Hi Lori, your craft room look like a proper creative haven andd the cottage...WOW! How big is it? it looks stunning. xx

Hippywitch said...

Thanks everyone :-)

Kerry the cottage is about 3 x 2 inches, very small and fiddly!

Lori xx

Chaucer's Aunty said...

Wow your craft room looks amazing! So jealous!! Love the cottage, it looks fantastic, but I can imagine that stitching on plastic canvas was an absolute pain to do, ouch!!

Kath said...

I was going to say the cottage is lovely, but now I read how tiny it is, I am amazed at your patience!

Nothing like having a craft room. I used to have a whole workshop at my other house, I do miss it.

Rhona said...

Your craft room looks amazing - so organized! Now I'm feeling a bit guilty about the state of my crafting space....mmmm, maybe I should do something about that mess too!
Love your little cottage, although I can't imagine just how fiddly it would be to put together. Great job though - any plans to do more?

Steph said...

Yeah! I definitely see why your Mam kept the little house! It's too nice to give away!
Your craft room looks fantabulous! Vin Diesil can only make it dreamier! ^_-
BIG hugs ^_^

butterfly said...

You put me to shame my room is still in a mess from Christmas. Naughty me .
One day soon maybe !!!
Your room looks so beautiful and tidy.
Love your little house, such talent you have.Hugs.

psyko-daizie said...

i loooove the little cottacge!! you should make a whole village complete with erries on trees and fairies hiding in the flowers ^^ the new room looks awesome too, i recently done up my bedroom and it certainly helps motivate you to get creative doesn't it :)

Mary Janes TEAROOM said...

Hello Lori...My little Jubilee Cottage arrived today..I am so thrilled... it is beautiful...I now have my own little house..Thank you so much!!
Ooh, your craft room is perfectly organised too..I can see lots of lovely stitchiness going on in there!
I love your little 3D are so clever with your needle and thread!
Hope you have a lovely weekend,
Susan x

The Dotty One said...

wow - your craft room looks amazing - i am so jealous! I dream of being that organised with all m y crafty bits!
And the 3d house it great too - its gorgeous, hope you think it was worth the sore fingers!