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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

I seem to be coming over patriotic this week!

Hello everyone and welcome to my new lovely new followers, lovely to meet you :-)

This week has been the usual mad mix of making that is my life! I started off with a hanging mushroom decoration that was a custom order. I was asked for a lime green door, tulips, lots of hearts, a gingerbread man, cupcakes in green cases and hearts for the spots! A lot for a little mushroom but not for a bigger one so a bigger one it became. I used little heart buttons to make some bunting around the roof and for the gingerbread man's buttons and a black bead for the door handle. It's bigger than the usual and measured 6 x 6 inches.

So that went on it's way to it's new home :-)

I've made two Jubilee Cottages this week too as it sold twice! It makes me very happy to send away my mushrooms to new owners, it always gives me a thrill to know people will pay for my creations :-)

I'm off Sunday to the craft fair. It's moved location since last month due to the council causing problems with the venue we were in and now is in a pub (yay!) called The Alexandra in Sunderland. So I've been making some keyrings for my stall. St George's Day is Monday so I thought flags would be good.

These are the same both sides. Then I moved on to Union Jacks and came up with these,

the middle one is the reverse side of them. I'm thinking maybe pink ones or something now........

Today I've started to knit fairies, I have a Fairy Fair at the start of next month and plan to have plenty fairies, gnomes and elves done for that which will be fun!

So it seems that there is a theme for this weeks makes and it's all patriotic :-)

Have a great week!


Kath said...

the Fairy Fair sounds like fun. I can see those mushrooms selling well here in Glastonbury, there's a big fairy thing going on here :-)

Knitting Nix said...

I love it all, beautiful :)

Chaucer's Aunty said...

As I'm sure you can imagine, I loooove all the patriotic things! The union jack keyrings are fab. As, of course, are the mushroom houses. I am super excited to see your makes for the fairy fair, that sounds amazing! :-)

catherine said...

Glad to see your creations are going well. Love these mushroom cottages. The keyrings are fab. Good luck at the fairs
x catherine

butterfly said...

Looks like you have been busy , love all your goodies.

millefeuilles said...

Hello dear Lori,

I have been absent for a while now but what a joy it is to visit you again. I saw your delightful toadstool house over at Mary Jane's Tearoom. She is a lucky lady.

I am really excited to hear about your fairy fair and I really look forward to seeing the marvels you will knit up. Angélique still likes 'Eek' enormously.


Helen said...

The custom order mushroom is wonderful! I bet that will be one very satisfied customer when she unwraps that ;) Love your other makes for the fair - lucky you getting to spend the day in the pub lol
Helen xxx

Kerryp77 said...

Love the keyrings. I think the patriotic mushrooms are absolutey fabulous. good luck with the knits and the new market venue. xxx

Mary Janes TEAROOM said...

Hello Lori...Thank you so much for my lovely Jubilee Cottage once again...I will treasure are so clever...I love your new key ring design too!
Good luck at the Fairy sounds fabulous,
Susan x

LiteraryLadybug said...

Adorable! So so CUTE! Am just in LOVE with you little mushrooms! :) Keep on crafting!

Nicole said...

There seems to be a toadstool craze on all the blogs I'm reading and yours are so cute :D I *need* to get organised and make my own!

The patriotic key rings are very fitting! I can't wait for the Diamond Jubilee bank holiday :D

psyko-daizie said...

I really love the mushroom house with the gingerbread man! Can't wait to see your faeries either, what is it about them that makes them so addictive to make/draw? :P

Ali said...

Ooh its not letting me leave comments - third time lucky!! Your makes are gorgeous - those toadstools are brilliant - the detail on them are amazing.

Hope all goes well for your sister - you cant believe people can live with themselves when they do what they do :-( .
Hope the fair goes well xx

HillyT said...

Your felt work is inspirational, it makes me want to get my little stash out and have a go again.
I absolutely love your jubilee cottage.

Fleur Cotton said...

Oh your jubilee mushroom cottage is beautiful.

Fleur xx

Annaboo said...

I've said it before, Missus- you are BRILLIANT,
What's not to love here?
My fav is your jubilee mushroom- so sweet.

The Dotty One said...

Absolutely gorgeous key rings Lori! And the mushrooms are always :)

Steph said...

I'm going to coo again! (coo coo...or possibly cuckoo!!LOL) You know I love it all ^_^ Pink Union jacks would be brilliant!Or purple!! Me nods enthusiastically thinking I would buy one of each ^__^
Look forward to seeing fairy goodness from you ^_^
loadsa hugs

Annette said...

wow these are lovely especially the mushroom cottage x

danielle said...

Oh my gosh - it took me so long to come up with an idea to decorate my bra for my cancer walk in May - I should have just asked you for input! How about some ribbon (i.e. breast cancer, ovarian, prostate, etc) ideas to put on your cute heart key chains???? If so I jsut might be tempted....