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I live in the north east of England and when I'm not busy with thread or wool I love to read thrillers and watch things on the TV that make me laugh. I have a love of tattoos too and have quite a collection!

Thursday, 26 July 2012


Hello everyone and welcome to my new followers, lovely to meet you :-) Thanks to everyone who's entered the giveaway and if you haven't there's still time, it's in the post before this one and you have until Tuesday to get your name in the hat for a mushroom cottage.

Been a busy week again, I don't seem to have any other kind lately! Firstly a card I stitched for the lovely Helen's birthday, you can find her fabulous blog HERE It was another of the new stitched cards I've been trying out

I also stitched this biscornu for Helen, I haven't made a biscornu for a while and it was fun to make.

I had a custom order for a set of eight napkins to be embroidered with a little bird design for a wedding present this week too, I love how these turned out. The buyer had already had a set of napkin rings custom made out of reclaimed slate with the couples initials etched on them. They were gorgeous!

A ruby wedding card too was on this weeks list, I've made this one a few times with different coloured flowers. It's a lovely design and always looks pretty.

Today I made this mermaid dolly :-) Isn't she lovely? I'm really pleased with her. She measures 16 inches tall so is a big one! She was made with a Dolls and Daydreams pattern from  HERE 

Here she is from the back with her lovely red hair.

On Saturday I was at the garden centre again with my new cloth on my stall. What do you think? I was really annoyed with the white sheet looking so battered and creased all the time and decided to make a better cloth. I went for the red with white spots as it looked like my mushrooms roofs!  I'm really happy with it but this is where the OUCH of the title comes in! I was busy sewing the cloth last week and one of my cats Poppy was having a blast jumping on the fabric on the floor, wrapping herself up in it. Well she pulled it hard and distracted me, the sewing machine needle went right through my index finger, in the nail and out the other side!! I have to say the air turned a lovely shade of blue :-) So for two days I was doing everything with one finger in the air because it was so sore! It seemed to heal really quickly though, I'm left with a hole in my finger nail and a little black dot on the other side but it's fine now I'm happy to say. But the cloth is fabulous and I didn't bleed on it, although it was the right colour for it!

There have been other makes this week too but they are for the travelling craft box which I've got at the moment so I can't show them until next time when it's on it's travels again. It's such fun getting to pick goodies out of the box and I have to say they are all fabulous, it's so hard to choose!

See you all Tuesday when I'll be back with the winner of the giveaway, good luck everyone!


catherine said...

Oh Lori I did cringe at one point of this post!! Can you guess which bit?
The table cloth looks absolutley perfect for your stall. Great makes this week as well. Hope the finger gets better soon
x catherine

Annaboo said...

So glad you're on the mend!
And that table is really beautiful.
PS I've just made my first etsy sale!! Yipeeeeeee! X

cucki said...

So happy that you feeling better..
Table is so lOvely looking:)
And so many lovely makes xxx

Valma said...

Ho my ! you stitched on 'paper' ?? great job, this is a wonderful card !
and the mermaid is the cutest ever =)
I definitely love what you do =)
is your finger better now ?
I think that 'ouch' is a poor word yo described the pain you should have suffered...I think that if it has been me, people living 3 houses after ours would have heard me shouting =D
Happy crafting
and I hope the mushroom will soon be adopted in France, hehehehe
big hugs

Kerryp77 said...

Such a pretty card, I must have a go at that. The mermaid is sooo lovely and the stall looked so inviting and as they say 'No gain' but I do hope your finger is better now. xx

Steph said...

Gotta say Lori, I'm loving your stitched cards! They are really special.And the biscornu is a gorgeous one!The napkins turned out beautifully.The ruby wedding card is lovely and reminds me I still haven't made the card for Mum and Dad's anniversary next week!I'm taking something to make for them when I go away, but I'd completely forgotten about a card! Well, you know already that I think the mermaid is amazing, but it's always worth saying again. She is very very lovely. I shudder again for you thinking about your poor finger!but do love how your table looks ^_^
sunny hugs

Chaucer's Aunty said...

Oh my god Lori that's AWFUL! I hope you're okay!!! I jumped when I read that, poor you! I loooove the stitched card. I started on one this afternoon... and before I knew it, I'd made nine plus two bookmarks! ADDICTIVE!! I'll do a blogpost with my finishes soon. Lovely lovely biscornu and the mermaid is brilliant! The stall looks fab and the card is beautiful. lots of love xxx

Inthesky said...

Mucho Oucho! You have just confirmed why I am phobic of sewing machines...that is just the sort of thing I would do without Poppy's help! The stall looks lovely :) x

danielle said...

I loved your cards....and your biscornu is just LOVELY! Am glad your finger is better - that really must have hurt like crazy!

♥ Mary Janes TEAROOM said...

Ooh, dear me Lori...I'm glad your finger is feeling much better now!...We do suffer for our craft at times don't we?
Beautiful makes...I love everything and your stall looks so pretty.I definitely like the red and white polka dot fabric!
Hope you are having a good week,
Susan x

Rhona said...

Love the polka dot tablecloth - it's perfect! Can't believe your needle went all the way through your nail - that's awful!
Love all your makes again, such a pretty biscornu - lovely colours.

Helen said...

ooohhh there's my gorgeous card & biscornu! I LOVE them - thank you soooo much! The napkins are beautiful, I like the card & mermaid too - the stall looks very inviting with the new cloth, hope it boosts sales!
Helen xxxx