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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Goodies arrived!


As a few of you will know the lovely Cucki (who's fabulous blog is HERE) Had  a Christmas giveaway and I was the lucky winner, YAY! The goodies arrived so here they are......

A lovely Christmas cross stitch pattern booklet, very sweet zebra notepad, two sparkly threads (slightly unravelled as Poppy stole them and I had to catch her to get them back, lol!) and a very sweet elephant card. Thanks so much Cucki it's all lovely :-)
So I guess I must be having a good post week as on Saturday I got a letter that I wasn't expecting, I was puzzled as it had to be signed for and I wasn't expecting anything. It turned out to be from Hobbycraft, the big craft shop telling me I had won the competition in Cross stitcher magazine a few issues ago and here was my £100 in gift vouchers, WOOHOO!!! So now I'm planning a big splurge when I can get a lift there, oh I'm going to enjoy this one!
I'm hoping to start doing craft fairs this year, there's a monthly one at the beach (inside not out, thank god!) so I started making small things that I can sell for around £3-4 as I have heard that it's tough selling at the moment with everyone being broke. I've been making more little felt brooches so far and have nearly finished some little felt cupcakes for keyrings too. 

I also finished the cardigan I started on Christmas Day, this is knitted from Rowan Cotton Denim yarn in a lovely mixed pink and white and feels lovely and warm too. 

and lastly a birthday card for my sister which after thinking I had ages and didn't have to rush it realised I'd waited too long and actually only had a few hours left to do it, I'm the Queen of procrastination! But it turned out nice, I really like this one. If the writings too small it says I'm sending you this card corsets your birthday.

That's my finishes this week, I have a lot planned for this month!
Have a great week everybody!
Lori xxxx


The Dotty One said...

Oooh lucky you - that must have been a lovely surprise. Love the brooches too. Let us know how you get on at the craft fairs.

cucki said...

hello dear, me so happy that you liked them :)
my son is saying hi to you..sitting next to me..
beautiful brooches..
and very lovely cardigan..i love the color so much..
and cute birthday card for your sister..
keep well dear..
sending you big hugs
cucki xx

Ali said...

Yoo hoo, just thinking I hadnt seen you post hoping you were ok - and you are!! Fab goodies and congrats on your wins - let me know if you get to Hobbycraft at Teesside park - I'll treat you to a coffee xx

Ali said...

Oops forgot to say your makes are gorgeous xx

Inthesky said...

Wow what a great week you have had :) I love the cardigan...well and the brooches and the card and the goodies :)

Kerryp77 said...

gorgeous brooches Lori and congrat on the win too!

Chaucer's Aunty said...

WOW lucky you! Enjoy that voucher! I'm sure you'll have no trouble spending it, lol! What a nice surprise. You deserve it! Lovely giveaway goodies from Cucki too. Fab cardi- love the colour- and those brooches are so pretty, I'm sure they'll sell like hot cakes! That's a lovely birthday card too, I'm sure your sister will love it. lots of love Lx

Mary Jane's TEAROOM said...

Congratulations Lori on your win...which I know will have been so well deserved and a great start to 2012!....Ooh, such fun you will have spending your vouchers....
I love your brooches and they will definitely be winners without a doubt and your card is fabulous!
Susan x

joan said...

wow lucky lucky , i had a win for Hobbycraft a few weeks ago , mine was only for £50 tho lol, it didn't take long to spend it,your brooches look great, love the colours

Annaboo said...

Super-cute brooches- I reckon they'll sell really well- would make great gifts.
Lovely giveaway pressies too.

Catherine's Sewing Corner said...

What a fantastic time your having. The goodies from Cucki are fab. Are you going to have fun spending those vouchers!!. Love the cardigan
well done to you
x catherinec

Steph said...

Yay! lots of lovely goodies for a lovely little Lori bird ^_^ How sweet is that Zebra on the notepad!!I love all of your new flowers and your cardi is very pretty indeedy.And that is a really lovely card.
BIG hugs for you ^_^