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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Lots of little things.....

Hello everyone, sorry I seem to have been away a while! I've had a rough couple of days this week with the weather being so cold my Fibromyalgia has been acting up and I've been avoiding the laptop as much as possible while sulking and making little felt keyrings.

Sunday was the craft fair I'm hoping to get into so off I went for a spying session to check it out. It looks great, lots of lovely things for sale, great standard of makes too and the prices are good so I know I won't have to drop mine to sell stuff which makes me happy :-) So I'm getting in touch this week with the organiser to see if I can get a table, fingers crossed! So I thought I would have a couple of baskets of small keyrings to sell on the stall  so I have cheaper things as well to tempt people to part with there money. I've got the flower brooches already and had a play with my felt to see what I could come up with.

First heart keyrings, I got a bit carried away with these but they are such fun to stitch so I will be making even more!

Then I tried some birds, so here's the flock so far

I'm sure this will grow too :-)

Also made two mushrooms and a toadstool, here's the toadstool, it's already sold I'm happy to say!

I'm busy with the ami for the monthly swap at the moment, Chinese New Year theme. So I can't show that yet.

Oh I went to Hobbycraft last week armed with my £100 of winning vouchers and had fun! I actually only managed to spend £78 of them as I had a crafty overload and just couldn't think of anything else to get, lol! So I have some left for the next trip.
Here's what I did get,

The cross stitch kit for Frederick the Literate, after stitching Maggie the Messmaker I really wanted to do this one too so I have the pair and was thrilled to find it hiding among the sea of other kits!

Fabulous patterned felt, love the ladybird one :-)

some Gorjuss decoupage sheets, I got a huge pack of 100 sheets of white card too but that's boring to look at!

And this little lot, two big pieces of 22ct and 28ct fabric, two reels of pretty ribbons. The pony beads are for a pirate bunny I have planned to knit, beads in his hair like Captain Jack Sparrow :-)  The d rings for bag handles and the sewing machine bobbins are actually for alloy wheels on a knitted racing car, lol! You'll see what I mean when I make it :-)

So that's my haul so far! It's so good to go shopping with free money :-)

Oh yes I also bought 15 balls of gorgeous Rowan Cotton Denim yarn in a variegated blue shade, this was from the dangerous Kemps Wool Shop, it's so dangerous as it's a ten minute walk from my house and sells so much gorgeous and cheap yarn. I mean this yarn is usually around £4 a 50g ball and they've got it for 99p!! I mean you have to don't you, it'd be rude not to! So this is for another cardigan the same as the one I made at Christmas as I love that pattern and thought I'd have a blue one too.

That's all from me for now then, have a great week everyone!


Inthesky said...

The little birdie key rings are so cute, I am sure people will part with their cash for your pretty key rings. ...I hope your fibro whotsit thingy gets more comfortable for you soon. :)

森morikomidori said...

ah yes, i am familiar with the dangers of kemps wool shop and
there is a certain witchy Etsy shop that keeps tempting and enticing me too ;o)
your blog is a very happy place to visit. i have been reading through a few of your earlier posts and absolutely love your pink kitchen ❤

blessings xxx


森morikomidori said...

p.s hope the pesky fybromyalgia eases soon. i'll be sending healing vibes xxx

Ali said...

Hope you are feeling better what a lot of gorgeous goodies (both made and bought) ooh that xs kit looks like hard work!! Ooh need to pop to that wool shop I have a pattern that I am needing to knit but objecting to the high prices lol, plus I have to do it stealth as supposed to be on a stash ban as saving up (hee hee)

Annaboo said...

Loving the key rings. I'm sure they'll sell really well.
And it looks like I'm going to have to go and visit hobbycraft- what a stash of lovelies you've bought yourself! And there's nothing like free money to spend, either!
Have a great week.

butterfly said...

Love the little bird key rings so sweet,
Hope you are feeling better today, poor you.

cucki said...

Hope you feel better soon dear..sending you warm hugs..
Everything is so the birdies so much..very cute..sweet mushroom ..
Sweet new stash too.. Lovely kit..and sweet felts too..
Happy stitching xxx

The Dotty One said...

Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling too good. Looks like you've been managing to keep yourself busy though. I think the baskets of smaller/cheaper items is a fab idea and your keyrings look fab so I'm sure they will do well! Exciting that the craft fair looks good - fingers crossed you get a table.
I am sooo jealous of your hobbycraft trip and curious about this knitted car with bobbin wheels - looking forward to seeing how that turns out!
Have a lovely week xx

Kerryp77 said...

Love the birds and and the hearts. i'm sure they'll sell well. You did very well in hobbycraft too great stash. x

catherine said...

I hopoe your feeling a bit better. Your little things look so gorgeous and I do hope you get a stall. I'm sure youwon't have problems attracting people to it. You seem to have had a good time in Hobbycratfs. As long as you got what you wanted was the main thing.
Take care
x catherine

Debs M said...

bloomin fibro!! hope it eases soon x

lots of lovely makes and well done on your new stash x

Mary Jane's TEAROOM said...

Hello Lori..I hope you are feeling a little better as I write this..let's hope too that Spring and warmer weather will soon be here!...Thank you for leaving your comments on my blog today...really so useful to me!
I love your heart and birdie keyrings and you will sell your mushroom houses from here to eternity!
Susan x

Steph said...

Hey lovely ^_^
Big gentle hugs for you.
Love all of the felt goodies! Sure they will be snaffled up. LOVE all of your crafty goodies....that ladybird fabric!!!I need some!^_^ Cheeky wool shop! They are just making you buy stuff ^_-

faith76 said...

What a bargain find with the yarn! Love the crafty makes you have done too x

LiteraryLadybug said...

I always love your little toadstools! So cute! The bird keyrings are so sweet too.

Ali said...

Sorry to reply my phone is on charge to email you... but stitching a little santa for laineys christmas stitchalong but dont think I;m going to get it done for the end of the month!!

Ali said...

Hope you dont mind I've nominated you in an award!! (not sure if you do awards???) xx