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Friday, 27 May 2011

Ami swap time and a few finishes too....

 So I guess I was pretty good at kicking myself up the bum and getting motivated again after such a lazy start to the week :-) I managed to get a couple of things totally finished, namely the Dolly Mama's tote bag and the custom ordered star cushion. I also realised I was nearly out of stitched cards again (where do they all go so quick!) so I'm on a bit of a card making binge too with three stitched so far ready to mount up and more to stitch.
Here's the cushion.......

It's for my neighbour to give to his girlfriend, he wanted it in crushed velvet and one side red, one side black. Think it turned out pretty good, drawing up the pattern was the trickiest part and it proved my hoarding talent is worthwhile too as I dug out my protractor which I haven't used since geometry classes at school over 23 years ago to space out the five points evenly!

While I had the sewing machine out I figured I might as well do the bag too and get another thing finished off :-) I used a black poly/cotton  fabric which is fairly thick, the sort of fabric you'd use for a jacket, so it'll be good and strong. I used another layer of the same to line it too so should hold up to a lot of use!
Here it is.........

It's ami swap time too! Got my parcel this morning and here's what Steph sent me this month, bit of a cat theme, wonder! So there's a big fluffy cat in the most fabulous fluffy wool with a very cute little coloured bell collar, so sweet! Then there's the two little kitty's in the bed too,  very cute and I love the pink fluff around the bed :-)

It's my birthday tomorrow so there were some presents that I have been good and left wrapped up and a knitted cake, love it!

I've been totally spoilt again, thank you so much Steph for another great swap :-) I sent a Hello Kitty (there's them cats again!) and a teeny panda to Steph and here they are.....

Love this monthly ami swap, it's always great to get a parcel full of surprises from the postman :-)

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Chaucer's Aunty said...

Oh my word, such a lot of crocheted loveliness! The hello kitty and panda are fab and I love all the cute things Steph sent to you! Plenty more for the collection!!