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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Poppy and Daisy growing up :-)

So my lovely kittens Poppy and Daisy are getting bigger, they're 15 weeks old now and seriously cute! Took some pictures this week to keep track of them growing up as they're getting big so quickly. They get up at 5am every morning because it's so bright outside they think' it's daytime so why are you still in bed?' so they start walking all over me and purring really loudly in my ear. It's impossible to get annoyed though when they look this cute so I end up getting up with them, I'm hopeful when the mornings get darker in the autumn or they've just grown up a bit and got lazier that they'll stay asleep longer!  This was them having a great time with the brown paper, bubble wrap and tissue paper from a parcel that arrived at the the end of last week (it was fab birthday presents!) They were far more interested in the wrappings than anything inside, lol! 

Guess cats are not that different from us as they seemed really pleased with the bubble wrap in particular and spent ages popping the bubbles by jumping on it :-)

Then to sleep, after all the excitement of the wrappings they were worn out. Daisy went to sleep with a friend on the cosy blanket :-)

Poppy has claimed the beanbag with another blanket on top, looks very comfy.  Awww, aren't they lovely!


hkittypink said...

No they don't stop waking you when it's light as they grow up! My Peggy is about 5 years old (shes a rescue cat) and she still gets me up before 6!

Hippywitch said...

Good job I'm getting used to it then, lol!