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Monday, 4 June 2012

Ami swap and this week is going to be a good one :-)

Hello again, the title of this post is me putting out positive thoughts!

The last week has been a bit rough for me as my Fibromyalgia has been flared up and I've been in a lot of pain. People say to me you've had it for eighteen years so you should be used to it but sometimes it does get me down and I think if I can be happy and positive 99% of the time then I'm allowed to be fed up and moan for the other 1%........ so there! If they lived with it I bet you they'd complain occasionally too :-) Anyway, I'm feeling a little bit better and this is me getting set for a good week of positive thoughts and being back in action!

For the first time in years this has actually stopped me crafting, shock horror! First time in...... well probably ever, that I just couldn't be bothered and had no inclination to make much but I did make a couple of things. I made some cards but they have to wait for next week as they aren't all received yet.

It was ami swap week with the fabulous Steph, I'm sure most of you know this is a monthly swap we do of amigurumi and is always fun. So this month Steph made me a gnome!

But not just the one gnome look at the teeny one too! He was in Jumbo gnome's beard, Steph says that apparently that's where little gnomes come from :-) Isn't it sweet?

I sent Steph this snail

He's been named as Roger by Steph who has been busy eyeing up Roger Federer in the tennis this week :-) Thanks for another fabulous swap Steph, long may it continue!

Finally the last couple of present pictures too, I'm sure you're all a bit bored of me showing off all these but they are just so fabulous I have to!

These were from the lovely Chris Above is the cute card she sent and the fabulous box all this came in, I love that box!

there was threads and ribbons, a pretty tape measure, cute cross stitch kit and lovely stitched bookmark.

Chocolate!!!!!! A fabulous Little Miss Sunshine and a Little Miss Chatterbox dangly :-) Thanks Chris it's all fabulous!

From my friend Jeanne in Canada came this lovely box of goodies, now this took sooooo long to arrive we thought it was lost but thankfully it showed up last week, I think it walked! The felt card above is just fabulous, I love it!

A cute stitched hanging and a mushroom felt needlecase both made by Jeanne, love those :-) Scented candles, two little kokeshi doll erasers although they won't be used as they are too lovely! Pez, yay!

Fabulous felt, love the patterned one!

All these fabrics, so lovely I need to think of something fab to make with these.

An ami pattern book and a pattern for a crochet cake stand which is brilliant!

and finally all these lovely bits, buttons, ribbons, brads etc......

So that's it for the birthday presents I'm sure you're pleased to hear after being bombarded with pictures all week! I love all my presents and I love all my friends, thanks very much to you all and that includes all my followers too, for being so lovely.

I'm only two people away from 100 followers I see which means time to start planning the giveaway for when I get to the big 100 :-)

See you all next week and remember it's going to be a good one. I'm determined of that!


Inthesky said...

Oooh a lovely post of goodies to share! I love the fabrics. Sorry to hear you have been under the weather...but I am sure you are right, 'This week is going to be a good week'! xxx

Kerryp77 said...

love the idea of the gnome in th gnomes beard - fab! I understand how you feel totally about the fibro, my M.E has had me like that recently to the point where i've felt the same about the crafting, so chin up and enjoy all those gorgeous crafty goodies. xx

Ali said...

Sending you hugs - hope you are ok xx Great photos enjoy all your gorgeous goodies xxx

catherine said...

Sorry to hear you haven't been so good but I will have some positive thinking with you for the new week and hope things improve. It's been fab seeing all your gifts and they are all so brill.. Looking forward to seeing your cards
x catherine

Anonymous said...

I love it all! Sorry that you haven't had a good week. Here's praying for a BETTER week!

Helen said...

Sorry to hear your fibro has been playing up - you are so positive but chronic pain can get to even the best of us from time to time! Love the gnomes & the idea of where little gnomes come from :D The snail you made Steph is just gorgeous too! Hope this week is much better for you & you have fun playing with all your lovely new crafty goodies :)
Helen xxxx

Steph said...

Hey lovely you.
Sending you huge hugs and loadsa love and good stuff and hoping you feel better. Can't stand to think you of you hurting.Here's cupcake of positivity(it's invisible so you have to picture it!) for you to munch on whenever you need to(it's never ending too!)
Ami swap never fails to make me happy^_^ Love Roger the snail ^_^oo! you've outed me as an ogler!lol I'm ogling Tsonga today!!!
Omg! That is a fabulous bunch of birthday goodies! So many beauitful things!Gorgeous cards,and so many pretty pretty things ^_^
oodles of hugs for you

hkittypink said...

What a lovely lot of birthday treats! You must be loved the world over!
Hope you had a good time!
Sam xx

millefeuilles said...

Hello wonderful lady,

First things first; how are you feeling? Yes, you certainly ARE allowed to moan a little. It is most unhealthy not to, I believe especially when you are so positive naturally.

I was ooohing and aaahing at all those goodies but I am totally smitten by your snail. Angélique LOVES snails at the moment and carries a small pale of them wherever she goes.

Have a hopefully painfree week.


Amanda said...

What a lot of gorgeous things ... lucky you!
Love the gnome but I think its the snail you've made that I personally like lots...he just has character!

Amanda :-)