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I live in the north east of England and when I'm not busy with thread or wool I love to read thrillers and watch things on the TV that make me laugh. I have a love of tattoos too and have quite a collection!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Mushrooms everywhere :-)

Hello everyone!

Well I've been lost in the land of the mushrooms this week and had great fun :-) I started out with making cottages, three of them in fact!


First up is the 4th of July Cottage with the American  flag flying outside the door. The flag has 6 French knot stars as I couldn't fit the whole 50 on an area that's so teeny! 

Next I made a replacement for the Celebration Cottage as it sold at the last fair I did, so this is the new one.

The third one is a new one which I named Marigold Cottage. I got a new hanging basket full of lovely Fuchsia's which hangs outside the window near where I stitch, I guess it inspired this one!

Then a hanging mushroom too in the Jubilee Cottage style,

 After that I moved onto some more needlecases. Two new ones are done so far and one more is ready to embroider and stitch together.

I've had a busy week of mushrooming :-) The cottages and needlecases are now in my Etsy shop.

Oh yes and two Father's Day cards appeared too,

Now I'm onto the sea! I have a craft fair on Sunday at the quayside in north Shields and it's themed Spirit of the Sea and it's International Fairy Day too!  I'm just finishing off a baby octopus and next on the list is a mermaid so that'll be fun.

I have found what looks like a great fair at a garden centre not too far away which will be every month on a Saturday. It looks so promising that I rang up to book for next month and ended up booking in for the rest of the year, lol! I don't do things by halve and the dates were filling up quite quickly so I figured why not. Since the last fair I did every month finished I've been looking for a new home which suits my makes and me to be my regular place and this fits the bill nicely and I admit I have a huge love of garden centres :-) It's a craft and food fair so there'll be cake too!

Well I better get back to my seaside makes. Have a great week everyone!


Inthesky said...

I never do this but....Squeeeeeeee! I had to get me the Bestest Needlecase in the whole world! I love it so much already! :)

hkittypink said...

Wow! They're so lovely! You have been busy! I think you'll fit in just fine at a garden centre. Good luck! x

Ali said...

Oops just lost my comment - but just to say your work is beautiful - dont be tempted down magic mushroom territory though!!! lol - Beautiful cross stitch love the little seaside charms you've added what a fab finishing tough. Did you cut out the decoupage for your Fathers Day card??? I've tried it but just not good with scissors - very wobbly :-) x (Maybe trying it without a glass of wine might help!!)

Anonymous said...

I love it all!

Annaboo said...

Is there no end to your cleverness, lovely lady?!!!!
Of course I love the mushrooms everywhere- the little one with the hanging basket is sooo sweet. And I love the American flag one too. And the needle case.
And a crafty fair in a garden centre is also marvellous! I do love a jaunt around a garden centre.
Good on you- your lovely treasures will sell brilliantly, I predict.
Enjoy the rest of the week, hon.

Chaucer's Aunty said...

Doh, my comment just disappeared! Anyway, love the mushrooms- as always- gorgeous Father's Day cards and I love the idea of International Fairy Day! Can't wait to see your mermaid :D love Lx

Kerryp77 said...

Fabulous makes I love the mushrooms and I can't wait for mine to arrive very exciting about the fair too...good luck you'll be a hit for sure!

catherine said...

Glad to see you have been keeping yourself busy Lori and everything is looking great. Great news about your fairs and I'm sure people will love your stalls
x catherine

LinenandRoses said...

Your mushrooms are really so cute. Love them all.

Rhona said...

Your hanging basket on the cottage is adorable! Love it!
Fantastic cards too, those buttons are perfect, they finish it off perfectly!

Good luck with the craft fairs, you'll cettainly be kept busy with that!

Have a great weekend too!

LiteraryLadybug said...

I always love looking at your creations! Those needle cases are just awesome!

Steph said...

Mushroom heaven ^_^Bet the 4th of July one gets snaffled first!
huge happy hugs

♥ Mary Janes TEAROOM said...

Ah, lovely mushrooms everywhere!...Your new needlecases are really pretty Lori...You are so clever with your needle and thread!
Hope you have a happy week,
Susan x