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Friday, 1 June 2012

More birthday pressies :-)

Hello again! So this is three posts in a week from me, some kind of record :-) I'm back to show the fabulous presents that Steph sent me for my birthday this week. Such a lot of lovely things!

First this fabulous ami which is a Hedgepig Faery Creature and all Steph's own design, is it the cutest!

Next  is the mushroom momiji girl, the doll and a keyring, love this one!

A lovely book of Fairy Charms which has the most beautiful illustrations too, a gnome notebook and a gemini cross stitch kit,

This is just fabulous! Painted just for me is the most lovely mushroom mandela! You can see all the black is sparkly with green glitter, so pretty! It's hanging in my craft room :-) I'm always honoured when Steph paints or draws something for me as I know the work that has gone into it!

Lots of lovely stuff, a Hello Kitty hair tie, goddess earrings, and the cuteset little mushroom girl feltie and mushroom love bag charm. The mushroom girl is on my bag now :-) The biscornu is just gorgeous, such tiny stitches and a lovely colour too.

A closer view of the biscornu and a very sweet little kitty heart too,

This one made me laugh! Now Steph is well aware of my love of Jammy Dodgers and sent me two packs of them and a I love Jammy Dodgers brooch :-) Love it!

Even more lovely stuff! I told you there was a lot :-) A sparkly windmill! This is whizzing around in a pot outside in my backyard and looks great, the cats are loving watching it! Birthday candles, which were put to good use in my cake. Incense sticks that smell beautiful and the most fabulous camper van candle! 

Now crafty goodies too as if all that wasn't enough! Fizzy Moon brads nd lovely ribbons

Lots and lots of beads, love those ducks and mushrooms!

and the lovely fairy card made by Steph too.

I think you'll agree that's one heck of a birthday present! BUT that wasn't all........... the next day another package arrived, this one had been ordered and didn't arrive in time to add to the main parcel so Steph sent it the next day :-)

A mushroom momiji girl purse! So I have the whole set of things with her on now! Steph said it looked lonely on it's own so there was a feltie gnome, more beads and a very cute little hand drawn card too.

I think I can say I've been totally spoilt this birthday! Thanks so much Steph for all my lovely presents :-) 

Here's two cards from Helen and another friend Elspeth, Helen also sent me this lovely wrist pincushion,

and this brilliant book which I'm sure Poppy and Daisy have read as they have all the tricks already!

Finally a picture of my birthday cake with the candles in it :-) It's all gone and was lovely!

I got two more parcels of gorgeous presents from my friend Jeanne in Canada, this one took around six weeks to arrive and we both thought it was lost! The second one was from  the lovely Chris but I think that would be way too many pictures for one post so they'll wait for the next time and I promise to have more to show you then too of my makes! :-)


catkin tales said...

my goodness, steph is amazingly talented!
what a fab birthday you've had! well deserved too.
hope you have a wonderful jubilee weekend. our jubilee mushroom had pride of place on my dresser :)
i haven't forgotten about photographing the village, still plan to do it soon.

sending lots of love and june fairy blessings xxx

butterfly said...

My you have some wonderful friends such lovely gifts to a lovely person, enjoy your Birthday sweetie.

Kerryp77 said...

WOW!!!!!!! steph is super talented what an amazing present. xx

psyko-daizie said...

yaaaay! Stephs makes are amazing!! I'm even more excited about mine now! it arrived this morning but I didn't hear the postman knock so now I've got to wait til Wednesday before I can pick it up! >.< I thought I had enough in my package to her but I think I'm guna use this weekend to do a few extra things :) Happy Birthdaaaaaaay!!

Steph said...

hehe! Well, you are rather special so you deserved lots of goodies ^_^
oo! I do like that fairy card and the cat book looks brilliant.Yummable looking cake too!
many more hugs for you

Chaucer's Aunty said...

WOW WOW WOW! Steph never fails to amaze me!!! Fantastic presents!

Chaucer's Aunty said...

And fabulous cake too! Yum!

catherine said...

More fantastic Gifts Lori and you deserve them all. I love the way the gifts are themed around you and see lots of toadstools appearing. Saw the article in the magazine and well done. Hope your enjoying yoiur weekend
x catherine