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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Hello, hello I'm back again :-)

Now who sung's going to bug me now!

Well I thought it was about time I updated this little blog of mine before people think I've dropped off the face of the earth :-)

Firstly and most importantly thank you all for the lovely comments and support I got last week, it means so much to me that you are all there and are so lovely, so applause and thanks to you all :-) The positive thinking may have done me good or maybe it was just the fibromyalgia went back to sleep but I'm good now. Relatively pain-free which for me is as good as it gets and the stupid amount of tablets I take are back in control of the pain again so YAY!

Right, a buy week or two of makes for me which has kept me pretty busy! First off cards, these I told you about last week but they hadn't all arrived at their destinations so I had to wait. Thank you cards for the wonderful and fabulous birthday pressies I got deluged with!

Now I'm happy with all these but I so love the cat ones, I admit I didn't want to give them away, lol!

I made a new spring bunny as the last one sold and it's just so adorable I had to have a new one for my stall.

I love the pompom tail :-)

I had an custom request on my  facebook page that I admit I had never thought of but what a great idea! A lady asked if I would be able to make her two needle cases with my mushroom cottages on them. Now it was really fun to make these and I think I may be making more to sell, a new line is born!

It was nice to have the extra space on the front to embroider a it of a garden without it having to fit on the cottage itself. On the the backs I added a little bow and handmade charm as I thought it looked too bare!  inside there's four felt pages for parking your needles.

Now I don't know if you all of know of the fabulous blog Annaboo's House which you can find HERE  but it's a gorgeous place and worth following, there's even a free pattern for a crochet mushroom house! :-) Well a few weeks ago a CAL was launched on there for an ami that Sarah had designed. It was a fun one as the same basic figure could become a monkey, cat, bear, rabbit or even a doll depending on what extra bits like ears and tails you added! I started out thinking a cat, really planned to make a cat, even bought the wool for cat............then I made a doll, lol! I realised I make a lot of animals and just thought a doll would be cute :-) Now I didn't quite play ball with the CAL as I had been so busy for a few weeks that I ended up starting her as the last part was published and making her in one go! So here's the pic of her before she was completely decent,

You'll notice I was protecting her dignity! Well I made her a little dress last night so she's not cold and flashing everything any more!

I used the wig method of adding her hair as suggested, I've never tried that way before and it works well. I usually stitch the hair on like a ragdoll and stitch lots and lots of strands on down the parting. Both ways work though so a new method for me :-) Thanks so much to Sarah for a fabulous pattern that I've really enjoyed making.

This week I've realised that it sees ages since I made a mushroom cottage so this is officially mushroom week. I have three cut out waiting for embroidery and have plans for a new theme too which should be fun so I'll be unveiling that on Etsy in a couple of days and I'll show it here next time too.

Well I'll be catching up with blogs in the next couple of days, sorry I don't get round quite so much these days but I do like to catch up on what's going on when I can.

See you all next week my lovely friends :-) Oh heck I've just thought, it's not Gary Glitter who sang that is it, yeuck!


Shannon said...

You make such wonderful things! I really enjoy looking at your pics. :)

catkin tales said...

happy to hear you are feeling better :)
i love all the cute cards and amigurumi in this post.
love the needle case too! hope you put some in your shop, i'd buy one :)

nice to see you back xx

Ali said...

Yoo hoo, ooh your cards are fab xx How cute are those needle cases - well infact all your makes are gorgeous xx

catherine said...

So glad Lori to hear your feeling better than you was and able to do some crafting again. sounds like your catching up on lost time here. Everything looks so fab
x catherine

Annaboo said...

Such a cute doll- I love her already! And her dress is very sweet too.
AND I adore your litlte needle cases- so lovely to see their front gardens- beautifully stitched as always.
Too clever, you are!

Debs M said...

some fabby makes, damn that fibro, glad your meds have got it under control x

Nicole said...

So glad to hear you're feeling better, your needle cases are so amazing, the stitching is to die for!! xx

Odd Socks said...

I love your needle cases! Please put some in your shop. I would buy one!

Kerryp77 said...

Hi Lori,
Gorgeous cards, I'd want to keep them too. I love the little ami bunny. The needle books are exquisite your embroidery is out of this world

Anonymous said...

Those cards are amazing! And I love the doll :)

Kath said...

I love your needle cases. So pretty!

Chaucer's Aunty said...

Gorgeous cards! I love mine, thank you very much! Fabulous needlecase- I think I've persuaded Teo to let me order one for my birthday, I'll facebook you later on to order properly! I absolutely love the doll- thanks for the link- I've been trying to find something to make for my friend's birthday, and that would be perfect! Hurrah :-) Glad to hear that your fibromyalgia is better this week. lots of love Lxxx

Inthesky said...

Those are the bestest needle cases in the whole world! :)

butterfly said...

Fantastic cards, love the white rabbit and the sweet doll and the needle cases are beautiful, hugs.

Steph said...

Lovely makes as always Lori ^_^ Love my card of course and all of the others are gorgeous too!Bunny is adorable and you make the best pompoms in the world ^_^
I love the mushroom needle cases, so much detail on them. And your ami doll is gorgeous! I love her little dress ^_^
Humongous happy hugs for you

Annette said...

wow lots more amazing bits i love that little bunny think i may have to have a go so cute xx

LiteraryLadybug said...

OH! I totally missed wishing you a Happy Birthday! Sorry about that! What a bunch of wonderful cards and gifts you received! It was fun looking at all your gifts! :) And I am so glad you are feeling better.

That bunny, btw, ADORABLE! :D I wanna squish it's little tale and give it a hug!

♥ Mary Janes TEAROOM said...

Hello lovely Lori!
I'm a bit behind and then I realised I almost missed this post!
Ooh, I hope you are feeling much better and remaining pain free from the sounds very painful and frustrating.
Love your cards. They are so pretty and I saw your needlecases on Facebook and they are just beautiful. Are these going to be available in your shop Lori?
Your little doll is are so clever!
Hope you are having a good week,
Susan x
P.S Gorgeous little bunny the addition of the pretty lavender floral fabric...lovely for a nursery!